Will King is currently playing with Cornbread Jam and Lotus Revival


Lotus Revival opening for Zepparella:

December 2, 2016: Mississippi Studios - Portland, Oregon
December 3, 2016: Tractor Tavern - Seattle, Wash.

January 7, 2017: Will King will sit-in with The Barn Vultures at The Tarrytown Music Hall
(benefit show)


Lotus Revival will be recording a debut album in Oakland, Calif. in early February 2017.
Stay tuned...

Cornbread Jam 2017 dates coming soon...


Will King is currently co-writing an album with Zepparella lead singer, Noelle Doughty.
Details to follow...

Will King's Come on in from the Cold
features twelve Americana-twinged, folk-fused and rock-riddled tracks. Special guests include Grammy nominated John Cohen (The New Lost City Ramblers, and featured in Martin Scorsese’s documentary on Bob Dylan, No Direction Home) and John Ventimiglia, who played Arthur "Artie" Bucco on the The Sopranos.

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"Come on in from the Cold offers something new, fresh and different. There are no cliches and it is heavy on atmosphere. My analogy - Eddie Vedder sings Woody Guthrie." - John W. Barry - The Poughkeepsie Journal

"One of those albums that you love more, every time you give it a spin. This is Americana in the full sense of the word. A word that I don't like to use, actually. But it fits here, there are traces from just about every musical style to be found: folk, countryblues, soul, bluegrass, old-time and a lot of jazz. That jazz background is very important, together with Will's open mind it lays the foundation for a unique sound. Will is an excellent guitar player! - Johanna B. Bodde, Insurgent Radio, The Netherlands

Come on in from the Cold receives 4 out of 5 stars in Hungray's
HiFi City review.

"Will King has developed a specific and personal musical world for us that goes a lot further than ordinary entertainment. He simply does not get satisfied with the "background noise" role of his music. He pretends emotional and intellectual concentration, so that we can understand the harmony of the opposites and rise above of what we can sense with our ears only. He leads us into the depths of a transcendent world that most of us has only superficial notions of. But no one should get frightened, we are only in front of a magic mix of a careful presentation of non-commercial music and thought-provoking lyrics." - Czekus Mihaly, HiFi

Check out Will King videos on Youtube.

Check out Catherine Michaels, host of WHUD's Night Rhythms, interview
with Will King here.

American Music, Belgium's longest running country music show, named
"Come on in from the Cold" one of its recommended albums for 2008.

Will King's Version of Willie and Amy's Nelson's "A Peaceful Solution"
is featured on the Willie Nelson Peace Institute site. You can hear the song and read
the article/interview here.

Playing with Jamie Gray at The Bitter End.

Will King rehearsing "Come on in from the Cold" with New Lost City Rambler, John Cohen.

After opening for Richie Havens at Rock on for Rights; Will King talking with the great Richie Havens. 

             The Bitter End, NYC



"This one has been spinning in the player for quite some time because it's, well, enigmatic. The opening title cut is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel's sprawling theatrical style sans his wall of sound and the next track, “I Won't Give Up”, echoes Paul Simon musically and lyrically? Third up, with a nod to Nebraska , Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, is the ballad “Johnny McPhee”. If this is starting to sound a bit all over the musical map, it is, and that ain't derogatory. Predictable is not an adjective for Come on in from the Cold , pleasantly surprising, particularly considering the number of instruments employed, is more apropos. Even after repeated plays new and different nuances emanate from the speakers and that's a good thing, because the boring ones quickly become Frisbee impersonators. This one is unique; it deserves a listen." - Don Grant,  Freight Train Boogie.

"When the music is playing one quickly gets the feeling of being on the scent of something large. Or more correctly: something that in the course of time can stay large. Come on in from the Cold is an honest round americana with many fine moments..." - Mikael Døring, Geiger magazine [Denmark].

"Will King has released an excellent album which I know you'll enjoy...he has a unique voice and style all his own." - John Carver, host of Across the Tracks, PBS 106.7 FM Melbourne, Australia.

What I found was an almost hypnotic blend of music. Like a slowly unfolding daydream. Hard to pigeonhole. If you took Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke and John Fahey, and crafted a jigsaw, you'd be close." - Chuck Waters, North Carolina-based music journalist.

Read the complete interview/article 

The Aquarian Weekly
—by Noah Ruede

Most music you find on the radio nowadays is generic and boring, not only in the music and in structure but also in its lyrical content. If you happen to have a folk or Americana station in your area, you’re in luck. People like Will King will keep you from losing all hope.

Come on in from the Cold wanders through a diverse range of themes, traveling through many scenarios that we all encounter at one point or another. He wanders everywhere from near death to rejoice, from abandonment to anger and betrayal to true happiness. It’s one thing to be able to put such themes into words. Putting them into music, however, is a totally different animal. King does both, and with the help of some guest appearances throughout the album, he puts together a complex mishmash of feelings comparable to that of life itself.

In a Word: Journey