After touring and recording throughout the mid-to-late 1990s with Melange and other acts, Will King began writing and performing as a solo artist. Throughout his career, he has played in clubs and theatres from coast to coast. His new album, Come on in from the Cold, underscores King's appreciation for various forms of music that funnel into a genre best described as Americana. With comparisons to artists like Cat Stevens, Jorma and Leonard Cohen, King's music is moody, thought provoking and rife with hooks and melodies. His lyrics are poignant and far-reaching.

Come on in from the Cold is in many respects a concept album that takes the listener from death's door step [Come on in from the Cold] to a sense of sustained celebration [Polka Dot Dresses, Red Lipstick and White Wine]. The tracks in-between find characters dealing with abuse, discovery, death, defiance and enlightenment. And while certain characters fare better than others; King has created dimensions for the listener to visit [Johnny McPhee, Venetian Blind, and Lenny]. A triumph spirit emerges [Seeing Just Fine, Flow, 28 Days] that is watered down by habit and circumstance [I Won't Give Up].

True liberation is realized [One Thousand Birds] and environmental woes are pondered [Kyoto] while those abusing authority are condemned [I.O.U.]. King paints interesting scenarios with this collection of music but encourages the listener to employ their respective color palette which ultimately makes Come on in from the Cold a collective experience.

Will King is currently writing material for a forthcoming album. For more information, please email:
wbradking [at]